Tubing Sets for MIBMIX® C12 - Compounder

Tubing Sets for MIBMIX® C12 - Compounder

MIBMIX® C12, EO-sterile

Complete tubing sets of MIBMIX® C12- Compounder

Suitable for vertical and horizontal Compounder

Order nr. Pkg.-size
1-fold 102674
4-fold 102820 15 items
8-fold 102840 10 items
12-fold 102850 6 items
MIB Transfer Sets

MIB Transfer Sets


MIB Gravity Filling Sets:

  • are available with 1, 2 or 3 filling leads
  • are consistent with MIB filling bags
  • can be adapted for bags with Large-Lock filling ports
  • can be provided as bag-set, directly connected to the filling bag (link)
  • are equipped with vented spikes
  • are equipped with colour-coded leads for easy handling and positioning (differently coloured pinch clamps)
Order nr. Pkg.-size
Transfer-Set (1-lead) 102671 150 items
Transfer-Set (3-lead) 102672 60 items
Transfer-Set with 50-ml-syringe, drip chamber 102674 45 items
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